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It’s 5am on christmas morning, I’m doing this blog because austin and I can’t sleep and Baaj is being super cute under our bedsheet so it’s even more incentive to just push through until the egg nog arrives at 9am.

Just another christmas at my parents house.

Ps. don’t listen to le tigre on your way home from a night out, you’ll never get it out of your head.


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I do what I want.

You don’t like it, I don’t expect you to read it.

Fire Eyes

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too personal for you.


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Life That Glitters Is Golden- Initiation into the bright wilderness, wide eyed and courageous.

My work is about the celebration of youth and the positive anticipation of the next step into adulthood.
I wanted to create a series of work that invokes a sense of the passion, excitement and purity of youth, about to step out into the world and become whatever they were intended to become. In a lot of my work I create feminine dream like representations and I feel as if that is a strong point in what I do as a photographer.
I didn’t have a particularly enjoyable childhood or adolescence socially but with this work I wanted to emulate the emotional solace I found in being alone and the exploration and discovery within myself, and everything that surrounds me.

I’m happy that the stress is over and I can now dedicate more time to creating an epic body of work that isn’t rushed.

PS. I apologize for the appalling colour quality but wordpress/the internet can’t handle the colour profile I had for my images so it’s stripped them. You’ll understand if you see the real prints in person.

Fresh 09

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was awesome, got drunk, sold 4 of my prints so I’m up about 1000, inspired to do another group show next year, getting my website up and running these holidays and loving life.

photos- Oliver Parzer 2009.


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almost finished with season 4, now i just need to convince austin to buy me the box set for christmas/my birthday so i can watch the rest.


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I apologize for the lack of blog posts this past month, I have just been consumed with gallery things, getting my head together so I don’t get so worked up and over think everything, spending time with my friends that actually matter, my boy who i love deeply, our amazing cat who gives us endless amounts of buzz and just generally leaving behind the whole “melbourne party scene”. It’s taken me a while to decide that I shouldn’t care about whether someone hates me or not, even if their hate is for completely fictional reasons, because in the end, it will be their demise by wasting their energy, not mine. I’ve embraced my two best friends with open arms, as they have both taught me so much about myself and how I really shouldn’t give a shit about the little things, otherwise I could ruin the big picture.
I’ve decided that pills are no longer a necessity to feel comfortable in my skin, as I used them to create a bubble around myself to be comfortable in social situations. I put it all down to the crowd I was trying to be a part of, and in all honesty, I’ve never come across a more deceitful and punishing bunch of people. Atleast “metro’s” are upfront about how much they dislike you.
I’m slightly ashamed at my naivety but have embraced it and moved upwards, so in the end it has helped in my fight against becoming a complete douche.

22 in 20 days, all i can think of is millencolin..

“I’m one year older now since last time I saw you
in case you wanna know, I’m about to say what I’m up to
first of all I’m a sluggard movin’ slow in a clumsy way
some peace of mind is what I want, but that will be the day

I’ve been going with the flow for too long now, this must end
running ’round in circles, I’ve been so far away from myself
Searching for the energy and the time to make a change to make a
change in my life instead of watching it pass by,
get something done while I’m alive.”

I’m twenty two, don’t know what I’m supposed to do
or how to be, to get some more out of me
I’m twenty two, so far away from all my dreams
I’m twenty two,twenty two, feeling blue

I try to activate myself the best I can
so that boredom won’t catch up with me, I’ve got my daily plan
wake up late, then reherse a bit with the band, I guess it’s
later when I’m home again I boil a note or two
go to bed that’s what I do

afraid that I will be weak forever
I can’t stay in this shape any longer
my life’s just another cliché

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