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I just remembered

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the time when I was about 11 and had two pet dogs and one cat.
One day they were all let outside and suddenly banned together and ran off.
we were so worried they wouldn’t come back alive, I lived in the country so there were various creatures and things that could hurt them.
Finally a day later they all wandered back onto our front lawn, their fur was all tangled and knotted, probably from endless swims in the creeks around my house, their eyes were bright and wondrous and they had never been so happy and energetic.
We scolded them and sent them back to their prisons where they were never let out again as a group.
all three have passed on now, and as i think back to that time, there is a major point that stands out for me,
The man has and will try to do this to me for my entire life.
To avoid such a tragedy I will never resort to the following:
being a drug dealer, avoiding all taxes, supporting quick fix habits in young adults and eventually becoming a brainless retard myself.
be a centrelink wanker who spends more time than necessary filling out paper work to only receive a small amount of cash from hard working people, that I would spend on useless shit anyway.
my “freedom” means, a week or two holiday once a year where I can go travel to cliche destinations that have just turned into another huge shopping mall, filled with overpriced touristy crap that would be in my best interest to buy because hey, when you buy a boomerang that has come from a machine churning out millions just like it, it makes a bold statement. It says “I came, I saw, I conquered”.
Now just go get your 5000 pictures of the same shit developed and you’ll be complete.

I’d rather have my eyes stabbed out with a fork than join the suckers.

R.I.P Maxine, Sugar and JD.
I’m sorry we never gave you more.

i want to

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keep the people in my life right now, forever.
they are incredible.
i live in hope that there are more like them in this world.

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