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Lace Curtains

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Summertime in my eyes but winter in my bones,
the breeze feels cool and fresh like a mothers kiss before a first day at school.
picture takes, 123, waterfall smoke up nostrils
bank tshirts and beautiful company
the darkest day… not today.

Lord Quas

June 26, 2009 § 1 Comment

draws me pictures.

atleast ive got this tonight though:

over and out.


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no Ghostface for me.

still waiting for Quas.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me
Get the money
Dollar, dollar bill y’all

you should know…


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too careless to care where we were.

The pass me down beanie has served its purpose, to keep my flopsy warm as well as hide how ridiculously lazy I am getting with doing my hair.
I’ve decided to name him charlie, as I feel charlie is a cute yet lazy name for anything.
Jerrim and I are making vegan cake and brownies tomorrow and watching he’s just not that into you.
quite appropriate for the situation that is my life.
I’ve also quit smoking, i didn’t want to say it the day i stopped just incase i started again, but it’s been a week and every time i smell tobacco now i automatically think sewage death stick.
such a beautiful day today, I’ll bike ride before the sun is out.
also, danielle, these holidays I am taking you to some amazing dnb and dubstep nights i know you’ll enjoy.
end transmission.

lipton “quality black tea” sucks, i wish this house would invest in some indian shit or something something…


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saturday cuddles with gnarly

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