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is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as “extreme patriotism in the form of aggressive foreign policy”.
In practice, it refers to the advocation of the use of threats or actual force against other countries in order to safeguard what they perceive as their country’s national interests, and colloquially to excessive bias in judging one’s own country as superior to others – an extreme type of nationalism.

In other words,
Australia is for everyone in equal right so stop with the bias bullshit.
your southern cross tattoos don’t make you patriarchal and hanging around in huge crowds ratting on other nationalities doesn’t make you uber cool.
You look like tools and are as shallow as the half a sip of coffee left in the bottom of my mug.
same goes to any other race who figure it’s okay to be absolute twats and think because they are in a large group of “their” people, that it’s okay to gang up.

It’s so damn cold in my house at the moment, looking out my window I am sure to find Mary Poppins flying through those windy skies. I’d like to play who can hug better under my duvet with someone chilled and cuddle worthy right about now, takers?

peace and love


Looking Back

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you think you know who you are, but sorry to let you know, you don’t.
You are hiding from the real world under your duvet that you think is warm and comfortable, but you are only stopping yourself from picking your head up off the pillow and jumping out of bed to start a brand new day.
Growing up is not giving up, it’s opening up, to the endless possibilities in life that could well make you happier than your wildest imagination.
Why do you restrict yourself to becoming progressively more unhappy in the situation you’re in and settling for second best?
I tried to help you feel like you could do anything, like you were the author of your own story and i would of been there to support you and love you and try help you fulfill whatever it was you desired. but, you lost out.
I’ll be damned to feel sorry about not being “good enough for you”, and I don’t regret having the time that i did with you because it’s helped me learn, in depth, about another sort of person i find so beautiful in their own unique way yet so ugly by the way they destruct themselves.
I just hope when you get an opportunity like that again, you don’t waste it.

I will not write about you again.

peace and love

For Some Reason

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I am more clear headed when i don’t have university.
I can’t wait to finish.
get away from the drone.
I just want to party, work and have fun.

I can’t write in this state of mind, I don’t want to do homework, all i want to do is take photos, work on my folio, sleep, fuck, go out and eat.

Gimmie the speed, wheres the speed, i want the speed.
oh nachos


First weekend of April

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There was a man with a goat walking through the garden today.

No One

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reads these things anymore.

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