Materialistic Absence

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I also learnt that the reason for the saying “men live shorter lives than women” is because throughout a mans life, he mostly will wear grays, whites and blacks. Colours actually evoke an emotional response in humans and makes us subconsciously feel a certain way. Women get to change clothes and colours as much as they like and because of this, they live longer because of the fact that they surround themselves with colours that evoke more positive feelings and therefore their bodies and minds adapt and respond to it as a kind of “soul therapy”.

currently reading about Anthroposophy which is quite intriguing.
Evergreen Terrace are also the most amazing dudes ever, so talented and so genuinely non assholish. kudos to them for making life a party.

still waiting for the next drop though……



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in my room, all cuddled under my bedsheets blissing and touching skin.
I’m still not fully over him, and i think it’s because i could never properly have him.
He’s in my dreams, but not in the way i had hoped, he’s a murderer, a devious king, a flightless bird, a void parking lot.

NB to self. drink much cheap wine before entering death pit full of angsty tattooed youths tomorrow.

This tea tastes like shit, fuck you lipton.


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would like to point out that the smiley face with a blood splatter that is featured in the movie watchmen (original comic was written by alan moore) is considered the emblem for acid house music. Just for useless info 101. also Alan Moore was expelled from school at the age of 17 for selling LSD, and now is a filthy rich anarchist who practices magic, and worships a Macedonian Cult diety, a snake by the name of Glycon.

Blue Flowers

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he will laugh at me when i have toothpaste on my face to dry pimples, but then attack me and cover me with kisses and let me know he’s only playing.
he will be able to get deep into conversation with me, even if it’s about the stupidest things
he will be faithful, AS WILL I.
he doesn’t like seafood.
he will support me in whatever i choose to do.
he is caring, loves the company of animals, and enjoys dancing.
i don’t mind if he is an observer or an entertainer.
when i accidentally fart loudly he’ll still think I’m adorable.
Sleep overs are a must, making tents out of the bedsheets and telling stupid stories are also a must.
When I get into an emotional state that clearly is making me very withdrawn and upset, all he needs to do is sit, listen, give me feedback if he can, and just hold me tight and tell me he is always there.
He knows how to present himself well.
He isn’t a jerk who doesn’t want to hold my hand in public sometimes.
He would let me sneak little quick kisses when we stop walking, he won’t say anything, he’ll just look at me, i’ll know I’m the most precious thing in his world.

wow wow wow wow wow

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Balloons – Foals
Dieu Reconnaitra Les Siens – DJ Cam
Rebel Without A Pause – Public Enemy
In a Beautiful Place out in the Country – Boards Of Canada
Deceptacon – Le Tigre
Raa Raa Kitten (Ed Kane & Ninja Cowboys Remix) – Johnny Mikes
Hit and Run (Xzibit) – Tha Alkaholiks
Outta Here – KRS-One
Moosebumps – Dr. Octagon
Idioteque – Radiohead
Forget About The World (DP Don’t Forget The World Mix) – Gabrielle
Don’t Go (Original Mix) – Puzique
Disco Cubism [Daft Punk Remix] – I:Cube
Flame Trees – Sarah Blasko
Insomniac Olympics – Blockhead
Shake It To The Ground (Claude VonStroke remix) – Dj Blaqstarr Feat Rye Rye
Wheres The Monky – Sir Eddie Real & The Realistic
Beeper Featuring Kid Sister [Fake Blood Remix] (Domino) – Sinden & Count Of Monte Cristal
Gold Dust (Boy 8-Bit Remix) – Devil’s Gun
The Reward Is Cheese – Deadmau5 vs Jelo
H-Bomb (John Dahlb├Ąck Remix) – Style Of Eye
21 and Under – The Alkaholiks
Carnivors Unite – Blockhead
Bingo (Diplo Mix) – M.I.A./Diplo
Vibes And Stuff – A Tribe Called Quest
Electric Feel – MGMT
Almond Rocha – Ugly Duckling
Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber Part II – Wu-Tang Clan
Lollipop (Boy 8 Bits Remix) – Mika
Turbulence Duplate (Starstruck Diplo Mix) – Xray
Neon Nights – MSTRKRFT


Cant wait

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here i come, new people, new men, new experiences, new life.


karma is like a box of chocolates

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you never know what piece of gooey shit is going to get stuck on your fingers and make for a very uncomfortable time.

It’s going to come around and bite you in the ass sooner or later three fold. As I have currently experienced.

those rose tinted glasses can be a killer on your ego when you get jaded.

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