Mother Tongue

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You are more than adequate.`
You are beautiful,
You are soul,
You are free,
You are god`s child.
Love you, as much as the spirits that share your company do.


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As I lay there naked beneath a crisp spring breeze,
I stare through a sienna tinted portal.
I seek to the skies and recognize a trail of condensation from a mechanical bird,
softly drawn thick and straight.
It is then that I come to witness mother earth’s rotation,
as this chalk smudge creeps behind a suburban gutter.
As it does,
It beautifully transforms.
Dissipating into a visual sound wave,
soft and forceful.

Good Evening World

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Un-easy ramblings of a coloured pheasant in a cage.
Children thrown to the eternal spirit devourer,
masked with the scent of a dream.
Germinated energy sockets, filled with the dust of putrid past,
“purchase the correct connection” say they,
then everything will assume freedom.
Grasp it, she says, in her distinguished sylph voice,
for the road to wings spread is a raw and unforgiving one.
Give in, Give in.
Open mouthed I swallow from the teat of the mechanical whore,
in my naivety,
the red earth beneath bleeds for my falter.
Do not settle, I tell myself most days, like her withered body,
scattered intricately within a blanket of dormancy.
See, see with eye, fierce and masterful.
Let the wolves have their tasty treats of desire,
and take the path less frequented to grandmother’s house.

Emily Rose

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This is the first “fashionesque” photo I ever took, of the beautiful tattoo artist Emily Rose.


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subconscious alignment of my chakras with nature.


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Mink Mussel

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I’m going through a black and white stage.

Trois Ans

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apparently it’s friday and she’s going to get down.


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Medieval Mess

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